Chapter 5. Exporting Data

5.1. Exporting images

5.1.1. Exporting to WMF

In addition to conducting tactical analysis, Debrief allows the analyst user to create plots for insertion into Microsoft Windows applications; particularly Word.

To do this load the data into Debrief and format the plot, adding scales, grids, coastlines, and annotations as desired.

To export this image as a Windows Metafile (WMF), select the Export WMF ( ) operation from the File menu. Alternatively to copy the image to the clipboard (still as a WMF) select Copy from the Edit menu whilst the Debrief plot is active.

This will place the image in a time-stamped file named d3_minute_second.WMF, located in the directory indicated in the Debrief properties file. If the location is not specified in the properties file, the WMF image will be created in the Debrief installation directory.

Note: exporting vector plots via the clipboard is limited to MS Windows PCs. But, an equivalent capability allows you to export the vector plot inside an RTF wrapper via the clipboard for pasteing into any Word Processor (on OSX or Linux). The shortcut for this is <shift><control><c>.