Chapter 14. Participating in Debrief development

14.1. Debrief online

Whilst the use of Debrief originated at the MWC, it now has a very distributed community of users. Communication across this distributed user-group is enabled via the Internet through three mechanisms: the Debrief home page, the SourceForge project management page, and the Debrief news list. These mechanisms are described in this chapter.

The Debrief web-site, found at provides an introduction to Debrief, together with access to this tutorial and a way-in to getting started with Debrief.

Figure 14.1. Debrief home page

Debrief home page

The page, used to support the project management of Debrief, is described later in Section 14.5, “Providing feedback”, and the Debrief news list is described in the next section, Section 14.2, “Keeping up to date”.